Why do we need MSM

The changes in our food habits (ie. growing, storage and consumption) over the last 70 years has significantly impacted on the level of MSM (organic sulphur) available in our diets.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s people still grew their own fruit and vegetables, picking fresh from their gardens and cooking and serving straight to their own tables. The foods were fresher with little pre-processing.

With the modernisation of farming, genetically altered foods, commercial pesticides, cold storage and pre-processing of foods to suit the modern life styles, the impact on the ‘freshness and goodness’ of foods we consume has been impacted greatly. Most of our foods to gain the best nutritional value should be eaten fresh. Once they are sprayed, stored and commercially processed, the important elements are degraded or lost.

Consequently we do not get the MSM we need from the food we consume to assist our bodies to produce healthy functioning cells. To improve this balance we need to supplement our modern diet with MSM to replace the lack of organic sulphur no longer gained via our food.