How much MSM should you take

The recommended dose for an adult is the following:
Recommended dose is based on an adult being within a health weight range.
Week 1 and 2 1 level Teaspoon daily
Week 3 forward 1 level Teaspoon morning and night
How to take: Mix the recommended dose with 200mls (8oz) of juice or cordial based drink. A high vitamin C content juice or cordial is preferred as the Vitamin C assists with the absorption of the MSM.

“My personal preference is to mix the recommended dose with some Blackcurrant cordial in a small drink bottle and give it a good shake. This dissolves the powder better so that I do not get that bitter after taste.”

MSM must be taken regularly as part of your daily regimen if you expect to gain any benefit. It will take about 3 weeks before you should notice any improvement in your overall well being.
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